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Maserati Grancabrio « Sport » version

April 2016 V8 450 Hp

(MC Stradale motor) 22,000 km

F1 gear box / controlled suspensions


Cabriolet/Convertible magnificently drawn by the Pininfarina studios.


Like-new, with original materials

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Excellence Auto Collection



Repair of original parts, identical replacement, preparation and painting


Upholstery renovation or replacement, like-new, with original materials.


Complete restoration of vehicles. Mechanical and chassis


Before vehicle technical inspection


Treasures of Passion

Between legend and inspiration, classic cars become treasures of passion.

Excellence Auto Collection proposes to show them to you...


Era, legend and heritage

Classic cars are a part of a moment; a lifestyle, a mix of design, innovative ideas at the time. They express a culture and its evolution, a combination of tradition and avant-garde with lines that are timeless. This alliance of style, of design, of ideas and of know-how constitute a true heritage transmitted by an era to today’s connoisseurs. Some of these cars will become legends, as they have been shown at an event, associated with a character or a story.

Inspiration and passion

Classic cars are also objects of emotion.

They inspire, they evoke, they « escape ». They become a « pure » object devoid of a practical function, a dream-come-true, an adventure, an offering to freedom. They vibrate, pull heart-strings, enthuse, arouse desire and nourish nostalgia to create passion.


Classic cars renovated with passion




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